The Oaks Healthcare Center is a multi disciplinary health care clinic specializing in whole body health and spinal rehabilitation. There is no part of your body or your health that works alone. This site is our Education Series Resources area designed to give you good resources on caring for your health, body and family based on your particular needs and interests. Enjoy!

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Headaches make the day a misery. The reasons people get headaches can be long and varied. Click the picture for more information on headaches and what you can do about it….read more Stretching regularly is so important to your physical health. Too often, our daily routine ​requires us to sit for hours, not allowing good movement in our bodies. Click the picture to the StretchOutStress page where you can sign up for our exercise series for use with the exercise bands. Getting and keeping a healthy weight is more than just hitting a certain clothes size or number on the scale. Healthy weight is important for overall body health. Click HERE for more information.


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